42 Virtues For Living a More Joyous, Fulfilling and Successful Life

Do you seek more happiness in your life?  Joy?  Fulfillment?  Success? Satisfaction?

If you seek these things, then living a more virtuous life could be just the answer for you.

But what exactly are virtues and which ones are most important?  And how do virtues help us to live a better life?

The dictionary defines virtue as “a quality considered morally good or desirable in a person.”

A better definition is:  “A virtue is a trait of character that enables a person to flourish.”

Virtues keep us balanced.  They prevent the excesses and deficiencies that can lead to regret or guilt.  Research has shown that guilt is one of the most devastating emotions a person can have.  Guilt has destroyed many lives.  And the fewer regrets we have, the better.  We all intrinsically know that.

By being balanced, we are able to better enjoy every aspect of life and to be better friends, spouses, parents, employees, and bosses.

Virtues help us to get along better with people and to build better relationships.  They help us to avoid many of the pitfalls of life.  They keep us from sabotaging our own success.

Virtues help us to keep our lives moving forward and upward.

Virtues definitely aren’t something that most of us often think about but they can be life changing.

Let’s learn more.

Bullet Book Summary: Earl Nightingale’s “The Strangest Secret”



● This book is really about the Law of Attraction, although the author doesn’t mention the Law of Attraction. The author, however, does mention that the Strangest Secret is based on a natural law that never fails, just like the law of gravity never fails.
● Implementing The Strangest Secret to create the life you want involves performing three simple steps:

o Step 1: Write down your goal and think about it in the morning when you get up, just before going to bed at night and several times during the day

o Step 2: Stop thinking about your fears regarding accomplishing your goal. Act as though it were impossible to fail.

o Step 3: Focus on providing superb service to others. “Success is in direct proportion to our service.”

● The author provides a 30-day plan to implement The Strangest Secret in your life

David Kekich’s 100 Credos: A Formula For Successful Living


“The shortest route to success in any field of endeavor, and life in general, is to seek the company of those who have more wisdom than you.” _Robert Ringer

David Kekich was an active 30-something passionate about exercise.  He lifted weights.  He ran long distances.  He exercised all the time.  He loved life.

Then, on July 7, 1978, while working out in the gym, something went terribly wrong and he incurred a crippling spinal cord injury.  He never again regained movement below his arms.

He spent the next 15 months circling the globe looking for a cure.  But none was found.

Instead of feeling sorry for himself, David relentlessly pushed forward with his life.

He spent 19 years raising money for paralysis research, never losing hope that he would one day walk again.

He also co-founded a national financial services company and Exceptional Producers, Inc., a master general life insurance agency.

David is currently working on reversing aging through his Maximum Life Foundation.

In spite of his handicap, David learned how to be successful and he has summarized what he has learned in 100 credos.

A credo is defined as a “creed or formula of belief.”

Thus, David Kekich’s 100 credos represent his formula for living a successful life no matter what your situation.

Following are his 100 credos in their entirety.

There is Magic in the Mornings! Become an Early Riser and Get More Out of Life.

Alarm Clock Image

Early to bed, early to rise makes you healthy, wealthy, and wise.
__Ben Franklin

Want to know a secret to accomplishing more and getting more out of life?  Get up earlier each day.  That old adage above from Ben Franklin has a tremendous amount of truth to it.

People who do get up early seem to be a different breed.  They always seem to be ahead of everyone else, to have an unfair advantage.  They seem to know exactly who they are, where they are going, and how to get there.

Here are some characteristics that early risers consistently seem to have.  They tend to be…

The Secret to Making Bold Improvements in Your Life


“It’s in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped. Choose Now. Choose Well.”

__Tony Robbins

Making dramatic and significant life changes is a crucial part of your personal development. If you continue to do the same things in the same old way, you will continue to get the same old results. To grow, you must change. You must break bad habits. Learn new skills. And develop new habits that will propel you to success.

The secret of making a significant life change — to lose weight; to quit smoking; to learn a new skill; to develop a more positive attitude; to eat healthier; to become an early riser; — is to make a formal, committed and focused decision to do it.

I know this sounds obvious. After all, don’t we always decide to do something before we do it? Well, yes and no.