An Incredibly Easy Way To Prevent Cast Iron BBQ Grates From Rusting

An Incredibly Easy Way to Prevent Cast Iron BBG Grates From Rusting

Here at, we mostly focus on right thinking and acquiring the right mindset and mental skills to lead a highly successful life.

However, we are also on the lookout for tips and tricks for working smarter or doing things better and will report those when we find them.  We consider such things as right thinking in action.

Our first tip is for around the house.  For the BBQ, actually.

Many of us enjoy grilling whenever we can, cooking hot dogs, burgers, steaks, and a variety of other foods on our BBQ.  A BBQ imparts a unique flavor to foods; a flavor that we all love.

I have a BBQ with cast iron grates and I have a love-hate relationship with the thing.

I love how the cast iron grates cook my food.  Their high thermal mass provides uniform heating and helps get my food done just right every time.  They just seem to cook food much better than stainless steel or other materials.

But I hate the cast iron grates because they rust.  No matter how careful you are with them, even if they are porcelain coated, which mine are, they will eventually rust.  And once they start, they can really, really rust.

And cooking food on rusty BBQ grates is not something I want to do.

So, what is the solution?

Let’s take a look at what works and what doesn’t.