Your Mind Is Like a Garden. Tend It Well.

Your Mind Is Like a Garden

“To gain all things, we must first gain a disciplined, orderly, constructive state of mind.”
_Raymond Holliwell

An essential life skill for creating a successful and fulfilling life is to be able to control your thoughts.  This is one of the most difficult things you will ever do.  But it is crucial.

If you don’t learn to control your thoughts, they will control you.  And, believe me, you won’t like the results.

Your mind is like a garden.  Each time you think a thought, you plant a seed.  Positive, optimistic, uplifting thoughts grow into beautiful flowers.  Negative, pessimistic thoughts grow into ugly, destructive weeds.

And if you’ve ever tried to grow a garden, then you know how destructive weeds can be.

Weeds are amazing things.  Nothing seems to bother them.  Not drought.  Not insects.  Not soil conditions.  Not fungi.  Nothing!  And if left unattended, they will choke-out and kill everything else in the garden.

Your beautiful flowers, on the other hand, are fragile and need continuous nurturing to grow and flourish.  You have to water them, fertilize them, spray them, and sometimes even protect them from animals.  It’s a constant struggle.

Your mind is the same way.  Weeds are the negative, destructive thoughts.  Thoughts of doubt, anger, hate, revenge and envy, to name a few.  If left unattended, these “weeds” will take over your mind until you are left with only a life of discord and despair.

But this is not how you want to live.  You want a life of abundance, fulfillment, and joy.  To achieve such a life, you must have a mind full of beautiful thoughts.  Thus, you must be vigilant.  You must tend to your mind garden each and every day.

First, you must pull out all the weeds.  You must eliminate all negative and destructive thoughts.  And you must become a strict gatekeeper, never allowing negative thoughts to come into your mind or to take root.

Second, you must fill your mind with positive, uplifting thoughts, continually planting seeds of greatness.  Seeds of optimism, hope, joy and love.

Tending your mind garden takes a lot of work, especially at first, but the reward for your efforts will be incredible.

Here is your Cerebral Advantage Action Plan for achieving and maintaining a well-tended, beautiful mind:

Step 1:  Constantly monitor your thoughts.  Whenever you detect a negative or destructive thought, immediately eliminate it. Either change the channel and turn your attention away from the thought or think of its opposite, constructive thought.

Controlling your thoughts can sometimes be like herding cats – a very frustrating experience. In those situations, try to control your feelings instead.  Make yourself feel good – sort of warm and fuzzy.  Put a smile on your face.  When you do this, you will find that your mind clears, and in a few moments, you can regain control of your thoughts.

Step 2:  Control what you feed you mind.  Read only uplifting, positive books.  Watch only uplifting, positive movies and TV programs.  Images are very powerful, so you especially want to avoid all negative and destructive images.  Seek out things of beauty in art and in nature.  Find some inspirational sayings, quotations, or affirmations, memorize them, and repeat them to yourself periodically throughout the day.  Find things to be grateful for each and every day. Even be grateful for the problems and adversities in life, for they are what build character.

Step 3:  Always be positive and optimistic.  Whenever anyone asks you how you are, smile and say “great”, “excellent”, “never better”, or something of the like.  Become an eternal optimist. View the glass as always being half full.  This may take some effort at first.  Fake it if you have to.  But do it!

Step 4:  Never speak badly about someone else.  Always look for the good in others.  Eliminate all thoughts of hate, vengeance, and revenge.  These are cancerous thoughts that will only hurt you.  Never envy someone else’s life, success, or possessions.  Instead, think thoughts of congratulations and good wishes for them.  Be grateful that they have done so well and believe that you too will soon manifest the life of your dreams.

Remember, you want your life to be beautiful and wonderful.  Fulfilling and abundant.  To achieve such a life of success and abundance, your mind must be filled with positive, constructive, can-do thoughts.  It must be “weed-free.”  Just like a beautiful garden, you must tend your mind well and nurture it constantly.  Learn this life skill and the results will be spectacular!

To your success… Think right, live well.

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